Via Furlanelli 31, Verano Brianza, 1952

Memories are the key not to the past, but to the future…

Kiyoko Takeda

In over 50 years of experience, Terraneo Industria Mobili has developed from the production of dining rooms, bedrooms and bespoke furniture for the Italian market to furnishings for the world market. The determining factors had been the innovation and determination, great ability to innovate and to adapt to changing market demands while maintaining alive the values of the tradition. Building on our history, we start from our workers’ knowledge and skills to look to the future, combining experience and innovation to bring the culture of modern design to the world.Today we are a reference in the world industrial production of furniture

Our philosophy

In over 50 years of experience, Terraneo industria Mobili has been able to strike the right balance between innovation and tradition. Such qualities have made Terraneo industria Mobili a beacon in the industrial production of furnishings. Innovation is the constant factor that drives Terraneo furniture company in its ongoing search for more and more environmentally friendly materials and technological solutions that enable it to stay at the forefront of a bid for greater sustainability in manufacturing. In a facility upwards of 12,000 square meters Terraneo has embraced the green cause and developed its philosophy, which is grounded in 3 core stages: the choice of raw material-production–distribution.

  • Choice of materials

    By placing greater attention to our customers’ needs, for many years we have brought forward a program to safeguard and preserve the environment. The first step is the selection of raw materials, using recycled wood panels whose FSC certification is available upon request. In this way Terraneo and its customers are sure that the timber used comes only from certified forests that are responsibly managed.

  • Production

    Terraneo has endeavored for years to raise awareness and foster an efficient use of the materials, in an effort to do away with waste, encouraging the reduction of costs, always offering quality furniture items that are practical, useful and at competitive prices. Terraneo also has long been structured to serve the major Italian furniture or DIY chains, thanks to its large warehouse facility that can deliver even hefty consignments in a short time.

  • Distribution

    The great majority of Terraneo items come with an assembly kit, so you can save on shipping costs and CO2 emissions caused by the transport are kept to a minimum.

  • 18mm+

  • Resistance

  • 3D Texture

  • quality packaging

  • Easy to assemble

  • Adjustable shelves

  • Member

  • Made in Italy